Host a Kare Bag Day 

Khloe Kares is a nonprofit organization started by an 8 year old. Khloe noticed homeless lady in her community and wanted to do something to help her. With the support from her family she got to work and started making handmade tote bags for homeless women. These bags are filled with over 20 bare necessities items. Once they are filled Khloe hits the streets and passes them out. In a little over 2 years Khloe has almost passed out and made 1000 Kare bags. 

Now we have opened the doors to companies, churches, groups and other organizations to host their own Kare bag day. 

How it works:
We send over the list of items.
You get your group involved in buying supplies
We come out to you with the Kare bags
We fill the bags together
And then we pass them out together

It’s that simple. The only way to understand what’s going on in our community is to go out in the community and see what’s going on. 

Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting a Kare bag day. Each lady you bless with get a nice sturdy bag that they can keep forever and enough supplies that will last them at least 2-3 months